This note applies to hounds, Jack Russells, Huskies, Border Collies, Shiba Inus and other breeds chosen at the discretion of ARI's personnel based on experience with various breeds.

If one thing is true, it’s that several dog breeds love to run and to follow their noses! All those interested in adopting a hound, hound mix or other specified breed (see above) from ARI should have a sturdy fence lining their property and connected to their house, and can keep a watchful eye on their dog while he/she is outside. Some dogs are escape artists – they can slip through a door or dig a hole under a fence. Electric fences are not effective for these types of dogs, as these canines have the habit of running through the fence to chase an animal or other object of interest, but do not come back through the fence to get home for fear of the pain. Active dogs make wonderful, loyal and loving pets that can be the perfect fit for an active family. Please keep them in mind as you search for your next family member.