1.   If cat is picked up the same evening, s/he must remain in the carrier until morning in a dark, warm area. Do not take the cat out of the carrier! Do not give the cat any food or water until the next morning. If you notice the cat acting strangely, it is only the after effects of anesthesia. The following morning, the cat may be let out of the carrier and be allowed to eat and drink.

2.   If the cat is picked up the morning following surgery, s/he may be let out of the carrier and be allowed to eat and drink. If the cat does not want to eat the next day, do not be alarmed. Offer the cat wet food to increase his/her appetite. If s/he does not eat the following day, please contact us.

3.   Spay/neutering is a major surgery, therefore the cat’s activity should be restricted (particularly females) for a period of seven to ten days, especially during the winter. This means staying indoors in a warm area and kept separate from other animals. Do not allow children to pick up during this time.

4.   Male cats do not have sutures (stitches). Female cats have absorbable sutures that will dissolve in 10 to 90 days. Check the surgery area daily until sutures are gone. If you see anything unusual (swelling, bleeding, etc.), please contact us.

5.   Do not bathe the cat for at least 10 days after surgery.

6.   Male cats are susceptible to urinary tract infections. Therefore they should be on a low ash/low magnesium diet. The ash content should be below five percent and the magnesium content should be below one percent. Most pet supply stores carry many brands of quality foods that meet this requirement.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact us at (717) 993-3232.