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Items that are hazardous to your pets health


In general, you should only be feeding your pets the food and treats that are specially formulated for the type of pet that you have. There are some human foods that are toxic to your animals, here are some examples:

-Alcoholic beverages
– anything containing caffeine
-Fatty foods
– Garlic
– cooked chicken/turkey bones
-macadamia nuts
-salt and sugar
-yeast dough
-all medications
Besides foods, there are many other items around your home that can cause serious side effects or even death. Keep animals out of reach of these items:
-bait for rodents
-car care products
-gorilla glue (or similar products)
-household cleaners
-plants (found in )
You must also look out for electrical cords or burning candles that are left unattended.

If you are careful and follow good pet practices, your sweet ones will live long, healthy lives!!