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Bringing Home Your New Companion

Untitled design (15)by Alissa Pruitt

Special care must be taken when you are bringing an adopted pet into your home.  It will require planning ahead and patience on your part to ensure a smooth transition for you and your animal.  Here are some essential tips to making sure your new pet feels welcome in his or her new home:

  • Have a special space set up for your new companion.  Since your pet will be going through an adjustment period to get used to their new environment, having a smaller space to acclimate to first is always a good idea.  Be sure to have a comfy bed in this space, a fresh bowl of water, a crate if you decide to crate train your animal, and plenty of toys.
    • You will need to make sure there is nothing in this space you don’t want   ruined.  Until your pet adjusts to the new rules and routines in their new home, mistakes may happen.  Be sure to dog-proof and kitty-proof this space.
  • Try to keep your new pet on the same feeding schedule.  Ask the former caretaker what brand of food they were feeding your pet, and at what times of the day.  Animals are creatures of habit, therefore any abrupt changes to their diet may lead to issues from bad behavior to stomach problems.
  • Stick to a schedule and be patient.  Following a day to day schedule is a crucial step to ensuring the future well being of your pet in their new home.  Although it will take time for your pet to adjust and learn this new routine (hence the patience on your part), a strict schedule makes for easier learning.