February and August 2017
The Snyder Foundation for Animals, Inc. Awards Animal Rescue, Inc.
Two Grants for Direct Animal Care and Treatment

It is with deep appreciation and the utmost in gratitude that we acknowledge the two generous grants awarded to Animal Rescue, Inc. by The Snyder Foundation for Animals, Inc. during 2017. The first grant, awarded in February, was issued when The Snyder Foundation for Animals, Inc. was closing its doors after more than two decades protecting Maryland’s animals. That first grant is to be used for the direct care and treatment of Maryland animals, especially for spay/neuter. The second grant, awarded in August, was issued as a final restricted gift to be used for the same purposes once the foundation’s closing was settled. Receiving these grants was bittersweet for us. The Snyder Foundation for Animals, Inc. was a Baltimore-based organization that partnered with us to save the lives of homeless animals for many years. We were especially saddened to hear that their doors were closing because we valued our partnership with them in our mutual quest to enrich the lives of animals. The Snyder Foundation was committed to the realization of the humane ethic – respect for all life, both animal and human. The Snyder Foundation’s Grants and Awards Program recognized and supported organizations that demonstrated a sustained commitment to promoting the welfare of animals. We are, therefore, deeply honored and grateful that The Snyder Foundation for Animals, Inc. selected our organization as an award recipient of these funds and wish everyone at the foundation continued success in their future endeavors.