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World of Pets Expo

Join our Rescue at the World of Pets Expo and Educational Experience January 26th through the 28th at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium, MD! Learn more by going here.

Losing our Leafed Friends

Back in the 1970s, our founder Grace planted numerous trees on Animal Rescue, Inc.'s property. She hoped the trees would offer a home to small animals and birds, and shade for the animals who call our Sanctuary home. Over the years, those trees had grown and with each storm, several limbs fell off those trees and caused damage to the property. We've replaced countless pieces of fencing over the years. More recently, the trees had grown over kennels and buildings in which animals are housed. They were a threat to the pets. To ward off further damage and potential injury, we decided to remove several of the trees on our property. It was a sad day. Gone were the homes and shade for the animals. But it had to be done to secure the property and safety of the animals.

We hope to plant more sustainable and sturdy trees soon, but the cost of the tree removal was large: $10,750.

So today, could you help? A donation of any amount would help relieve the cost burden. It would also replenish funds to continue helping the animals. Consider making your first donation of 2018 below. Thank you!

Be sure to select "Tree Removal" under "Apply My Donation To."